Summer’s here and its’ time to get your cocktail season official started. Here are 9 of all-time favourite picks for you to enjoy right by the beach for a uniquely memorable summer. 

1. Maltese Negroni 

A bitter-sweet love affair.  

As a unique summer destination surrounded all around with splendid bays and beaches, we deserve our very own cocktail. And what better solution than showcasing our very own, Kinnie! Our expert baristas took the liberty of infusing the global negroni sensation of Campari, Gin, and Martini Rosso with Kinnie – and we can’t get enough of it. 

A Kinnie Negroni with a slice of orange and ice is just what you need at any time of day. 

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2. Sex on the Beach

There’s no summer without it – It’s in the name and you’ll always remember your first one! (Now wipe that smirk off your face).  

Every beach day deserves a ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail (or 5) offering a terrific flavour for new drinkers and seasoned tasters alike. The sublime combination of Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice promises a fruity, fun and easy-going drink that’s so delicious you won’t even taste the alcohol. 

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3. Margaritas 

The icier – the better.  

Nothing goes down better on a hot summer day than this refreshing ice-cold tequila-based cocktail fused with triple sec and lime.  

And that’s not even the best part. 

For those who like it zesty and those who like it fruity, our iconic margaritas can be tweaked to suit your taste buds with raspberry, strawberry, mango, or passion fruit flavours.  

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4. Sloe Ginn Fizz 

Fans of Gin rejoice. 

Gin has been constantly rising in popularity, with thousands choosing Gin as their no.1 drink. At Zion, we’ve taken this sophisticated and elegant drink up another notch by bringing back this retro style cocktail.  

In many countries, Sloe Gin is considered to be the best there is, made by soaking sloes in gin. Try out the ultimate mix of Sloe Gin, Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda water for an innovatively refreshing and delightfully balanced cocktail.  

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5. Pina Colada 

Why dream of a Caribbean tropical paradise when you can enjoy a Pina Colada and the splendid views of St. Thomas Bay at the same time?  

An all-time summer classic, the Pina Colada is a light cocktail enjoyed by many and synonymous with amazing memories. It’s no surprise that the Pina Colada remains one of the most popular cocktails at Zion. Our Pina Colada is sweet but balanced, with crisp white rum, malibu, coconut cream and pineapple juice complementing the rich coconut.

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6. Mimosas 

ruity Mimosas are a simple, yet delicious cocktails spiced up with champagne and orange juice. Mimosas play very gently on the palate and that’s what makes this flavoursome cocktail a perfect choice, particularly during brunch and lunch.  

Whatever you’re toasting to, Mimosas are the proper toast for a splendid summer. 

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7. Mai Tai 

Rum is without doubt the quintessential cocktail spirit, widely associated to summer. Indulge yourself to an authentic taste of Rum with the one and only Mai Tai.  

The Mai Tai is a world-famous Rum-based Tiki drink, often held sway over cocktail lovers. Let our baristas shake up a unique combination of Cointreau, Orgeat, Sugar syrup and lime juice, topped off with the highlight of it all – superior-quality dark Rum. 

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 8. Blue Lagoon 

Hands down one of the most iconic and Instagram-able cocktail you can lay your hands on. Even better – it is as good as it looks!  

We’ve managed to strike to perfect balance between the sour taste of vodka and lemonade and the heavenly sweet taste of blue curacao.  

If you want an absolutely perfect drink this Summer, here’s your star.  

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9. Espresso Martini 

The peeeerfect excuse to get those rounds going as early as you like. 

Combining coffee and cocktails is definitely not the first drinks which pop into mind, but low and behold, here it is – and it tastes terrific too. 

 As shameless coffee addicts ourselves, this has fast-become one of our favourite cocktails.  

Enjoy an early morning fix of Espresso or a late digestif after a scrumptious dinner at Zion fused with Vodka, Kahlua and a hint of vanilla syrup.  

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